Online Assignments April 13 - April 24

After week 2, I will be shifting to Pearson Realize to teach new content. I will use Zoom or upload a video to have some interaction with students. All of the details, assignments, quizzes, etc will be listed in the following schedule. 
April 13 - 17
* If students have their workbook this will go much smoother. I will be referencing several problems in the book.
Monday 4/13   Check Pearson and make sure Quiz 5-4 and 5-5 are finished and submitted
Tuesday 4/14   .5-6 Assignment PearsonRealize (Notes start on pg. 289 in the book)
Wednesday 4/15    Zoom with students (time TBD) 
                               I will be helping with 5-6 quiz via zoom. 
                               5-6 Quiz
Thursday 4/16      5-7 Assignment PearsonRealize (Notes start on pg. 295)
Friday 4/17         5-7  Quiz on PearsonRealize 
April 20 - 24 
 Monday 4/20  
 Tuesday 4/21           Topic 5 Review - It will be on PearsonRealize, but you will have to trasfer the problems to                                                                      paper. It will open as a pdf, and you cannot submit anything online.  (same as pg. 301-304)
                                  Zoom with students (Time TBD) - to go over review
Wednesday 4/22
Thursday 4/23         Topic 5 Test on PearsonRealize
Friday 4/24              Intro to topic 6 (PDF on Pearson Realize)
 Find unit rates given equivalent ratios of fractions