How to get started with Microsoft Teams/ Student Office 365

We would like to give you all a quick guide for students and parents!
2.) Once there you will see a button that says "Office 365/Microsoft Teams"
3.) Once you click that button you will be brought up a login page. Teachers/School Administrators will send out your login information. 
4.) When you get logged in you will see a email type setup we have set this up where you can email your teachers. 
5.) To access the Office 365 Apps (Word,Excel,Powerpoint, ETC) 
6.) Click the 4 little dots in the corner it will bring you up a side panel with all the apps you need listed. 
7.) Microsoft Teams teachers will soon be integrating in to the online classroom! 
If any issue please email
Thank You!
We have uploaded a video on how  to get logged in! 

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